Adjective: Poisonous

I was told I was Toxic

I didn’t know how to take this word when I first heard it

toxic is a bad thing and no one wants it


No one wants it

Or no one wants me

There is no way toxic can be something good

No one wants something that is toxic

No one wants a friend that is toxic

Or relationship

Or job

My thoughts are toxic

My moods are toxic

My attitudes are toxic

I want to be different

I want to be someone who brings joy in your life

I want to be someone who brings a smile to your face

I have been told I am hard to love

Hard to love?

I have never heard that before

I always thought I was a uncomplicated woman

I wanted simple things in life

I want to be simply loved

How is that hard to understand?

Am I hard to love because I wanted loyalty? Or someone who is trustworthy?

Or what about someone to show me time and affection?

Does that sound like someone who is hard to love?

So now I am toxic and hard to love

Women are simple yet complex creators.

I am a simple yet complex woman

I don’t want you to build me a rocket ship and fly me to the moon

Hell, I don’t even ask you to make me a sandwich!

Give me your time, loyalty, honesty, and patience.

I am toxic because I guess I am asking for too much.


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