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“The more accepting we are of simply being human, the easier it is for us to accept our emotions and others, too. When we find love in ourselves and project it out into the universe and those around us, that’s being raw. Discover who you are as a person and share it with others fearlessly”.






Coffee love

Wine adventurer


I go by many names

Whatever you in the mood for

I say what I want

I do what I like

I don’t care what you have to say

I don’t care what you think

In this state in my life I am learning to love the skin I am in

I am loving who I am becoming as a whole

I am embracing my looks

My body

My moods

My habits

While forming new ones

Don’t mistaken I am a very sweet, nice person

I love people

I would do whatever I can for you

But, I can be cut throat

As I am changing, I am wearing my heart on my sleeve

I am showing my likes and dislikes

I am more raw

Each of my tattoos are either a word or symbols

Japanese: live, laugh, love

Love, peace, serenity

Coffee cup

Semicolon w/cross


Plain cross

Wine glass w/half woman face

20 piercings

I don’t believe in falling in love

I believe you love someone or you don’t

I will never give a man my whole heart again

I have no plans on getting married again

I am not into impressing anyone for likes or attention

I am not here to fit in

I love to stand out

I like not fitting into a group, I want to make my own group

What makes me the same as others is that I bleed red

I have feelings

I hurt

I like to hang out

I like to eat

I like to laugh

I miss smiling under these darn mask

My favorite nail polish is navy blue and black

I love black

I am a Goth

I am a girly girl

I drink UNGODLY amounts of coffee

I love my wine

I have a crazy amount of sex appel

I’m indifferent on pain, I don’t hate it but only enjoy it in small doses

It makes me feel alive, human, less numb

My best friend is my ex husband

I can’t bake

But I am one hell of a cook

I share a lot but still never enough

My goal is to always be a true and real with myself, so I can give that to others

Do you get that feeling like you are not enough for people but yet too much?

I feel like I get too real for people

I give people so much of my emotions

I can only be me






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