Hey Y’all Hey

So, I know you all are wondering what happened to me, and I am SO SORRY! I won’t do that again. I had to disappear for a while then I got an email stating that I was getting hacked so someone was trying to break into my account so long story short, I had to make another website.

So here we are fresh as a new born baby!

If you are new to my world then welcome! Sit back and enjoy the ride! I want to be deeper than I was in my last page, I have found out from my peeps on my social sites they want to get the juicy, dirty details. I’m cool with that. If you can handle it then I will give it.

In the next couple of posts I want to talk about what’s been going on with me, and my life. I want to talk about the projects I am working on. My life goals, my sons life goals, friendships I am developing, and many more.

Now, I know what you guys want to read but let me know what you want me to discuss. I am open to anything. With this quarantine I am doing a lot of research on life, relationships, religion, and cultures.

It’s not like I have anything else to do right!?

I’m not going to make this long and drawn out but what have you been doing to stay busy? For me, I have been researching, writing daily, and I am proud to say I am a bike rider!

Y’all I have not gotten my big butt on a bike since I was seven years old. I use to ride a bike when I was a kid but that was short lived because my bike broke shortly after and I haven’t been on a bike since then now at 32, they say it’s like riding a bike, heck naw it not, I had to have my boys to teach me what to do.

Y’all wait there’s more…

I had to buy the bike, which I got at walmart online, it came in two days, but then I had to build it! Ugggh, it took me four hours to put together.

I had a struggle with that bike but I won. (happy dance at my desk)

My first real bike ride in SO LONG and y’all I am sore. That was hard. I need to do a warm up before I get my big self on a bike again LOL

But the memories that I made with my boys were so worth it.


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