Esteem booster

Esteem booster

“You are fucking beautiful though Dom. Yes, I know you have to feel and see that for yourself but in my opinion you’re gorgeous.”

This was sent to me May 8th at 11:46pm

I didn’t have to get naked, to get this, I didn’t have to go on a date, I didn’t have make up on.

I got this text because it came from the heart. These words are meant for me to see it and feel it.

I do.

More than you can imagine. These words are raw and beautiful. There’s not many woman who can really feel these words like I just did, so I’m going to hold them close and drink in every word and truly feel these well chosen words.

Thank you to the person who is so sweet to me, not a lover, not my husband, not my friends, not my sister, but some who just cares.


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