Very strong seual desire.
Example: “He knew that his lust for her had returned.”

Have a very strong sexual desire for someone.
Example: “ He really lusted after me in those days.”
Science of Lust:
Lust is driven primarily by the hormones testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Lust occurs across species and may be part of the basic drive to find a partner to spread our genes with. … Injecting men with testosterone makes them desire a potential lover more, but not necessarily fall in love in any lasting way.

Oh, how I wish.
It’s a hot, electric feeling to be in lust.
Lust makes you feel unstoppable, ungodly strong.
Having lust makes you feel even better. Like, a beast is trying to claw out of your body.
Having lust is a very natural thing. It shows you how bad you want something or someone.

Being in lust is a very dangerous thing. It clouds judgement, makes you irrational,
But it also makes you sharper, faster, spontaneous.
I want both.
I want to be lusted. I want someone to want me so bad they can’t think straight, they find themselves calling someone else my name.
I want someone to lust after me, that it makes their mouth water.
I want someone who just needs to touch my hand so they can get some satisfaction.
Lust isnt always about sex.

But, lust goes very well with sex.
But, it doesn’t have to just mean intercourse, I want the kind of lust where you find yourself calling me after just seeing me for hours on end.
The kind of lust where I touch your lips, my knees shake.
Where, I touch your neck, your skin feels on fire.
I have to close my eyes, because if I don’t I would ravish you whole.
The spark that passes between us is hungry for more.
The lust only feeds on the two of us.

I want lust that is bottomless, that shows no end.
I want it so strong that I have you, but it doesn’t feel like enough.
I want to know that my lust for you is not only sexual but emotional as well.
If I am weak, you can’t stand.
If I am aroused, you crave my touch.
Even when we are intoxicated from each other’s soul we still need more.


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