Friendship: Part Two

Friendship: Part Two

Friendships of the good: are based on mutual respect and admiration. These friendships take longer to build than the other two kinds–but they’re also more powerful and enduring. They often arise when two people recognize that they have similar values and goals; that they have similar visions for how the world (or at least their lives) should be. Not infrequently, they begin in childhood, adolescence or college–though plenty form after that, too.

Friendships shouldn’t be one sided, both parties should put as much work into the relationship as the next.

I am 33 now, I am making new friends, we have met on social media, from volunteering, even one I have known since third grade, some other ones I won’t name because of their privacy, others I’m not naming because we are still developing a friendship.
Please don’t get into your feelings if I dont name you.


You four have each impacted my life so well. I love talking to you. We have had some very creative conversations. I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for having my back and corner.

Now, Julie, you are the newest friend for me, our talks are bomb.com! When you, Karen and I hook up, we will have too much fun! Thank you for coming into my life and letting me come into yours. I don’t feel overwhelmed with you at all and I look forward to our chats and bonfires. Love you!

Karen: Girl, my sis for life! I love you lady! I think we might go a day without talking but even if we send each other readings, podcasts, or articles, I’m still amazed how our friendship has grown. Thank you for saying hi first!

Timothy: I promise you I’m going to kick you if you call my sister hot again! (LOL) You fell in love with my mind because you didn’t have my body. I never understood why you would watch me for hours while in school, not saying a word, just watched me work. That was you pushing me, now, I have two degrees. Thank you for never using me. You met me when I was young and broken, now that I am older and still broken, you have never changed. Thank you. I love you. Thank you for being my best friend. You wrote this to me, “You can be sweet, quiet little nerd, then pow, you are a sexual goddess….you know I get lost in those eyes and smile, you hypnotized me.”

Roger: I can’t believe we have known each other for so long. My oldest and dearest friend. Sitting next to you, in third grade was the best thing ever in school that happened to me. We don’t talk everyday, but the beauty in our relationship is that we don’t need to because we have always been a part of each other’s life. I love you babe.

I am in a stage in my life where I need some extra shoulders, my life is changing, and I need people who have my back.
These are them.

If you don’t have some like I do, I’m sorry.
Get you some people’s
You just can’t have mine


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      Hey girl, hey! I’m so thankful for the friendship and bond we’ve created and so excited for what the future holds for us. I remember your Nextdoor post about needing some friends in the area and I remember thinking to myself, heck I’m new also to the area also…why not comment? Glad I did because we’ve talked almost everyday since.
      Keep being you. Love you more!

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