Compromise too much?

Compromise too much?

an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
2. Accept standards that are lower than is desirable.

I, Dom, have compromised so much in my life, I have forgotten who I am.

In relationships
In my religion
In friendships
In my career/work
I have always put “that, him, her, this” before my own.

I try to fit into everyone’s way of life and thinking, that I have no voice of my own
No thought of my own
No ideas that are mine
I understand that compromising is a part of life in most things
I am fully aware
When I start to lose my sense of self, the things that make me: me, the things that add to my personality, then I have compromised too much.

I have always bent the rules when it comes to religion
Compromising with God!?
Yeah, it’s wrong.

I had a friendship many moons ago that had given up because I didn’t want to live the type of lifestyle she had. I was already doing what she was doing, dressing the way she dresses and talked the way she talked
I wanted something different
She didn’t
Friendship ended
I had compromised years with her, she didn’t for me.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken that job that I would hate and the pay was low
I did anyways, a job is a job right??
Five years I gave my blood, sweat and tears
A little of my sanity went with it.

Great going Dom

Lord, knows this is a book waiting to be finished.
We all have compromised our self for our mate
Of course you have
I have
I have always been more attracted to darker, plump, tall men
Neither one of my husbands are those
Said I would never kiss a smoker
Did that
I was shocked I didn’t mind at all
I have fried, dyed, cut, my hair for my man more times then a girl should
I have given up my favorite foods because he don’t like them
Cut friends off because he didn’t like them
I always said I would never give my man another chance after he cheated
Two husbands later….

Five damn times…

I said I would never give so much of myself that I would lose who I really am.

Let’s just say all I really know about myself at this point is that I like wine, chocolate, books, and coffee.
And that I am never compromising shit else.


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