agreeing or accordant; compatible; not self-contradictory:
His views and actions are consistent.
constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form, etc.:
a consistent opponent.
holding firmly together; cohering.

Nothing in life is consistent. I wish it was.
Really I wish.
Jobs are not consistent

I am a type of person who doesn’t like change.
Unless I change them myself
I have a hard time when I can’t have a control over things
When things change I really try my hardest to understand that
I like to know why its changing
Is it for the better?

I had a friend tell me she is involved with this man, everything was going good
Showing her attention, giving her his time, loyalty, and affection
Then slowly things changed
He doesn’t hold her hand much anymore
He’s not telling her how beautiful she is
He doesn’t take her on dates
He doesn’t buy her gifts
She even told him things are different
He don’t see
Or don’t care

Things like that happen but it shouldn’t stay like that
He should change for the better
I understand life happens but things like that I have a hard time understanding
I know I try not to change
I like to still hold hands
I like to cook for my mate
I still like to dress up and look sexy for dates

I understand people change, but again, you should be changing for the better

I understand that chemistry changes, the affection changes, and ideas change
But acting like nothing happened is unbelievable.

When you first getting to know someone, you make time for them, you plan dates
You have to work but when you get off you visit that person, if you don’t you call them
When you date that person you want to do things with them all the time
Why does that end up changing?
I would want those things to get better, call me all the time, spend time with me, let’s go on better dates
I want to stay up all night talking on the phone, tell me how beautiful I am.
Life is never consistent but relationships should be, am I wrong?

Since I have been doing tons of networking, I have been asked to give my opinion on this
I wanted to write about how this happens and why
To be honest, I have no freaking idea why!
This is why I have had two husbands, because of the inconsistency.
Women only follow what men do.
The only thing I can say is, men, if you don’t want us to change then you don’t change.


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