Everything you do you should be putting effort in
Why wouldn’t you?
Don’t you put effort into your job?

When you want something to be great, we put effort into it.
When I want to try a new recipe then I make sure I put effort into it so it tastes good.
I got a new job title and I make sure I put my best effort into it so I do a great job
I got new shoes and I put effort into keeping them clean
We are not going to get very far without putting effort into our lives

I like to have people in my life who put effort into the things in their life
A new hobby?
New business plan?
You met a new friend that you think the friendship can grow?
Put effort into it!
New boo?
Effort into that!

When you sit around and not investing into anything you will get lazy
Fight against routine
Make goals and beat those

I would love to see more relationships make it
They don’t because it’s usually someone who doesn’t put enough effort into it.
I would love to see more businesses make it but again they don’t put that extra effort into it
Many friendships don’t last because the effort wasn’t there to help save it.

Many people give up on that thing that drives them and they become miserable
Are you one of those people?

When you fall in love you make time for that person
You spend money on dates
Lose sleep staying up all night talking to that person
Make plans to see that person
That’s putting in effort right?

Doesn’t take much to put in that effort, just a little push
Call him or her
Go on that long over due date
Tell them you love them
Buy that gift
Cook him his favorite meal
Tell that boss you want a raise
Upgrade your car
Rub her feet after she gets off work
Take up that piano lesson

Don’t get lazy
It’s really the worst thing you can do.

Put in that effort before it becomes too late


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