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Mental Awareness for Women Part One

Mental Awareness for Women Part One

This is something that has been on my mind for the longest.
I feel like this is a battle that black women, all women but mostly for the black women.
I know being a woman is the hardest thing that we do.
Being a black woman is the toughest thing I have to go thru
I am constantly being judged
Told I am not enough
Feeling like I can never do anything
The world hates my skin
But loves what’s between my legs
The world doesn’t care about my heart
But loves our type of cooking

I am always fighting with demons
Telling me that I am ugly
My hair is nappy
I’m fat
My dreams won’t manifest
That I am a failure
That I am weak

We fight with ourselves so much that we can’t hear the good talking to us
Those little voices telling us we can do it
If we push a little more we can make it

We fight depression
Self love
Self worth

They say we are suppose to look a certain way to be accepted
Which is??
Why can’t my afro look like a tree?
Why do I have to shave my armpits?
Why do I have to talk a certain way?

It’s so hard to be a woman
It’s even harder to be a black woman

For me, I fight that I will be enough
I fight with my own self love
I fight that I become successful enough where I don’t have to live check to check

I want to stop telling myself I want make it to corporate because I am a woman
I won’t make it because I am a black woman
I fight with telling myself I am not strong enough for this world
My skin isn’t thick enough
My vocabulary isn’t big enough
My voice isn’t going to be heard

I beat myself up that I didn’t get my degrees sooner
That I should have waited to get married
That I should have been heavier in church

People need to understand mental stability is the number killer for woman
Women are at least twice as likely to experience an episode of major depression as men, Richards reports. And, compared to their Caucasian counterparts, African-American women are only half as likely to seek help.

We have a million things to think about everyday
Doctor appts
The world isn’t kind to us at all
Men aren’t kind to us
Women hate us because they want to be us

I have cared for so many people in my life, I forgot to care about myself
I have been fighting so many other people’s demon’s I forgot to fight my own
I care about other people’s mental state that I forget my own
I can’t remember the last time someone asked me how am I truly doing
I forgot how to truly smile for myself when I been smiling for other people for so long

Every week I ask myself, how am I feeling today?
I need to check my own self from time to time
I need to make sure I am okay
I want to smile and not feel pain
Remember, we fight battles no one ones about, every minute of everyday.


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