Why I stopped taking the bare minimum

Why I stopped taking the bare minimum

Have you stopped and asked yourself do you take the bare minimum?

Really ask yourself..

“Self” why do you do that?

Why only take what someone gives you?

Let’s do a checklist:

Do you run over puppies on the weekends?

Do you cut people in a line?

Do you steal?

Are you a pathological liar?

You are none of these?


So, again, why do you only accept the bare minimum in life?

In relationships?

In jobs?

How do you feel like you deserve that?

Your worth is measured by how someone is treating you 

What they give you in your life

Not always in gifts





How you overall treat me

If those people can’t see they are giving you the bare minimum then demand it

Tell them

Force them to understand

If they don’t then you have your answer

People only give us what they think we deserve 

People only give us what they want to give us

Stop the disrespect 

Stop the lack of caring

If your husband knows you like to get flowers


You have told him 

But, you still don’t receive them…

Sis, that’s the bare minimum

Make it stop, or deal with it

If he doesn’t help with the dishes because he feels like he shouldn’t have to because he worked his eight hours at work…

That’s the bare minimum

If she doesn’t cook for you after you get home after work, and she doesnt work, hasn’t done anything all day…

That, my brother is the bare minimum

Deal with it or don’t

You always have a choice

Ask yourself what’s the bare minimum for you?

Everyone has their own definition of what they want

For me, bare minimum ties with standards

If you have higher standards then shouldn’t want the bare minimum

If you have lower standards then you can live with the bare

If you go to a interview and your rate of pay is 20 a hour but they said they only giving 17

Are you going to take the bare?

Are you going to settle with it?

The medical doctor tells you, in order to keep living you have to lose 80 pounds

Are you just going to go home and live out the rest of your time?

Or are you going to change your diet and lose weight?

I’m not going to settle for less than the best because I know I am going to give you my best

Knowing when you getting the bare minimum is first

Knowing your worth is next

Then if you want to change it, how?

There is no such thing as less is more..

Less is freakin’ less


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