Dom, nothing simple about that

Dom, nothing simple about that

Don’t expect more from me then I am willing to give
I’m problematic
I am stressful
I have high expectations
I give you what I think you deserve
I give you my time as a treat

When YOU THINK YOU deserve more, I pull back on my treats
I am a gift to you
My affection
Those are things you have to earn

My time with you should be treated like a blessing
I am in a stage in my life where your energy is useful or harmful
I am going to feed off you
You will do the same

We are not going to put things in our body that is harmful
Things that will make us feel bad?
Make us sick?
Your energy is fuel
Are you going to satisfy my soul?
I am looking for people who will add to my dreams and hopes
Not my nightmares
Not my fears
Nor my demons

I am still finding myself I am still trying to understand who I am
I am finding happiness in myself
Not from a noun
I need you to understand that
I am a complex creature

I have traumas that I am working out
I have demons that haunt me
Rocking with me, you will see some
I will share some of them with you if I feel like you can handle them

I am not trying to bring my traumas into serious relationships
I am not looking for someone to save me
I am not looking for anyone to fix me
I am not looking for anyone to solve me

I am looking for a friend to be by my side
Someone I can cook with
Laugh with
Walk around Target with
Someone to tell me I am pretty
Someone to tell me my booty look good
You know, simple things

If you not ready to ride on my ship I am throwing you over board


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