Beat my face

Beat my face

cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

She wears it to hide herself
She wears it to transform herself
She wears it to make herself feel better

It is her security blanket
Not too much not too little
Just enough to get you to look
To stare in awe
To speak to me

She beats her face
Makeup makes her feel sexy
Like she can have anyone she wants
She can make anyone look at her

People see the gold around her eyes, which makes them look inviting
They are saying: become my friend
My lover
My confidant

She wears it confidently
She wears it as a sex symblel
She knows who will look, who will stare who will want to talk to her
She knows how her eyes will keep them locked in
How her lips will look tasty
How her cheeks will look warm and soft

But her insecurities will be hidden behind her makeup
Her makeup will hide her hurt behind her eyes
Her makeup will hide how life has torn her down
The disappointment she went through
Her makeup will hide how she wakes up every day, puts a smile on her face
Tells herself she will be okay
If you look hard enough you will see the story she is telling

She wants her makeup to say she is sexy
She is a badass
She is fearless
She has confidence
SHe oozes sex appeal
Her makeup is her superpower
Her makeup transformers her into the woman she wishes to be

Her makeup goes with her mood
With her clothes
Her makeup goes well with her jewelry
She knows they go hand in hand
Her eyes
Her lips
Her cheeks
Her attitude
They work as a team
Showing you what she wants you to see

Can you see it?
Soft not aggressive
Quiet but speaks volumes

She never over does it
Oh no, never too much
Just enough so you see her


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