Feed my energy
Feed my soul
Feed my mind
Feed my body

Take some of me and put into you
Take my source and add to yours
Feel the heat from my body and let it flow into yours
Touch me with your core
Come on baby, let it pour

Our souls become one
I feed into you and you into me
We just tried it to see

Feed my mind
Feed my heart

You dance, I dance
I smile, you smile
Let’s go that extra mile

Your energy gives me a high I can’t describe
Touching the clouds
Kissing the sun

How we blend together so well
I like how you can tell I need a boost
How I need a shot of your juice
I need a shot of your love
Your smile
Your hugs
Your forehead kisses

Your energy keeps feeling me high
Keeps me happy
Keeps me calm
Damn, why am I so sappy?
Keeps me grounded
Your energy keeps me resounded
I can’t believe I found it

Your energy is pure gold
Can never be sold
Your energy is like coffee in the morning to a addict
Your energy is a voice in my ear saying,
You can take me, you can have it.

Your energy is like dirty words in my ear
My body is excited
My skin becomes hot
Your energy turns me on
My heart is in a knot

I can’t start my day without your energy, without your warmth
Without your reassuring words
Without your touch
I can’t believe you got my head slurred

I want my positive energy to fuel your soul like water to a thirsty man
Like breast milk to a newborn
Like the warm sun on my face

I want our energy to be soulmates
Together forever, needing each other feeding each other


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