Open minded

Open communication

I am learning



You will get frustrated, that I understand

Open up to me, tell me what’s in your heart, tell me what you want me to do

Open your hands

With those broken wounds, I want to be the one to heal them correctly

Kiss these tears and wipe these fears

Open up for me

Open the sky, show me the stars, let me see the sun

I place my head on your shoulder, soft kisses I feel on my forehead

Your warm hand holds mine, you tell me let my guard down

Open up, you whisper to me

I give you my broken bleeding heart, in your hands

You stare at it

I wait

I can’t read the look on your face

You open your mouth

I stare at your lips, waiting

You look up, eyes searching my face

I open my soul so you can see, hear, taste

My heart is beating in your warm hand

Like a sweet melody you heard as a child

I want to open, so you can see me

I want to share

I want to let you in

My heart

I open myself

Pour myself on you like a hot shower

Those kisses washes all my sins

I open up, now, tomorrow, later?

I open for you

I open for you

I open for you

The words I keep saying in my heart which you are holding, in my soul which I have exposed.


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