Energy Feed my energy Feed my soul Feed my mind Feed my body Take some of me and put into you Take my source and add to yours Feel the heat from my body and let it flow into yours Touch me with your core Come on baby, let it pour Our souls become one I feed into you and you into me We just tried it to see Feed my mind Feed my heart You dance, I dance I smile, you smile Let’s go that extra mile Your energy gives me a high I can’t describe Touching the clouds Kissing the sun How we blend together so well I like how you can tell I need a boost How I need a shot of your juice I need a shot of your love Your smile Your hugs Your forehead kisses Your energy keeps feeling me high Keeps me happy Keeps me calm Damn, why am I so sappy? Keeps me grounded Your energy keeps me resounded I can’t believe I found it Your energy is pure gold Can never be sold Your energy is like coffee in the morning to a addict Your energy is a voice in my ear saying, You can take me, you can have it. Your energy is like dirty words in my ear My body is excited My skin becomes hot Your energy turns me on My heart is in a knot I can’t start my day without your energy, without your warmth Without your reassuring words Without your touch I can’t believe you got my head slurred I want my positive energy to fuel your soul like water to a thirsty man Like breast milk to a newborn Like the warm sun on my face I want our energy to be soulmates Together forever, needing each other feeding each other DiaryofDom


He met me in a awkward stage in my life Getting a divorce Living on my own Finding out who I am Am I Dom Am I Nikki Or am I Dominique? I am in a awkward stage I am learning my likes, dislikes What I like to eat What I like to do for fun How I want to dress Who I want to associate myself with When it was okay to say yes and when I should say no What’s my type? What SHOULDN’T be my type I had to ask myself was I ready to have sex again He met me when I didn’t know these things I didn’t know if I WANTED to start dating Let alone know what that really was I didn’t know if I just wanted hookups Someone to take me out Someone to tell me I’m pretty and rub my booty What I KNOW I needed was a friend I needed someone to listen I needed positive energy I needed those hugs To rub my back To kiss my forehead Call me babygirl AND from time to time rub my booty When he met me I was still healing Fighting my demons Fighting this LACK of self-esteem I told him I had a cold heart I showed him I did I blocked out love Felt like I DIDN’T NEED it Didn’t want it He seen the broken little girl that hides inside I let him see her I still closed up I am in a awkward stage in my life where I am still learning life I am learning who I am and what I like This awkward stage in my life where I am learning to enjoy MY OWN company Also, i miss company of others When met him I wasn’t supposed to like him Wasn’t supposed to enjoy his company Wasn’t supposed to crave his touch I wanted to be COLD, to prove that I didn’t need it This awkward stage in my life, I WAS lying to myself I don’t want you to fix me, I want you by my side while I fix myself. DiaryofDom

Beat my face

NOUN: cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance She wears it to hide herself She wears it to transform herself She wears it to make herself feel better It is her security blanket Not too much not too little Just enough to get you to look To stare in awe To speak to me She beats her face Makeup makes her feel sexy Like she can have anyone she wants She can make anyone look at her People see the gold around her eyes, which makes them look inviting They are saying: become my friend My lover My confidant She wears it confidently She wears it as a sex symblel She knows who will look, who will stare who will want to talk to her She knows how her eyes will keep them locked in How her lips will look tasty How her cheeks will look warm and soft But her insecurities will be hidden behind her makeup Her makeup will hide her hurt behind her eyes Her makeup will hide how life has torn her down The disappointment she went through Her makeup will hide how she wakes up every day, puts a smile on her face Tells herself she will be okay If you look hard enough you will see the story she is telling She wants her makeup to say she is sexy She is a badass She is fearless She has confidence SHe oozes sex appeal Her makeup is her superpower Her makeup transformers her into the woman she wishes to be Her makeup goes with her mood With her clothes Her makeup goes well with her jewelry She knows they go hand in hand Her eyes Her lips Her cheeks Her attitude They work as a team Showing you what she wants you to see Can you see it? Soft not aggressive Quiet but speaks volumes She never over does it Oh no, never too much Just enough so you see her DiaryofDom

Dom, nothing simple about that

Don’t expect more from me then I am willing to give I’m problematic I am stressful I have high expectations I give you what I think you deserve I give you my time as a treat When YOU THINK YOU deserve more, I pull back on my treats I am a gift to you My affection Acknowledgment Those are things you have to earn My time with you should be treated like a blessing I am in a stage in my life where your energy is useful or harmful I am going to feed off you You will do the same We are not going to put things in our body that is harmful Things that will make us feel bad? Make us sick? Your energy is fuel Are you going to satisfy my soul? I am looking for people who will add to my dreams and hopes Not my nightmares Not my fears Nor my demons I am still finding myself I am still trying to understand who I am I am finding happiness in myself Not from a noun I need you to understand that I am a complex creature I have traumas that I am working out Triggers Insecurities I have demons that haunt me Rocking with me, you will see some I will share some of them with you if I feel like you can handle them I am not trying to bring my traumas into serious relationships I am not looking for someone to save me I am not looking for anyone to fix me I am not looking for anyone to solve me I am looking for a friend to be by my side Someone I can cook with Laugh with Walk around Target with Someone to tell me I am pretty Someone to tell me my booty look good You know, simple things If you not ready to ride on my ship I am throwing you over board DiaryofDom

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