His Name is D

Didn’t know getting in your car was going to change my life forever I wasn’t planning on talking to you Wasn’t planning on even looking at you When you gave me your full attention, I gave you mine Your directness Forwardness Honesty You asked for my number In 48 hours we had our first date I was blown away by you in 50 hours You liked me for me not for what I looked like How my makeup looked How I dressed Or even how I smelled My heart attracted you Your drive to know know me attracted me I have never met a man like you How you sweep me off my feet everyday You kept me hooked everyday in these 21 days How you plan the future How you plan trips How you plan a life with me I love how you are so confident So sure about me How sure you are on being the one The one thing you asked for me to do is be good to you I like to think I am doing well I have been the victim for so long that it’s hard to see someone good to me I don’t want to be blind anymore Your kisses are passionate Your voice is firm with me You understand what’s in my head And trying to change what’s in my heart You are patient with me and always trying to find a solution for the issues Your hands are warm Your heart is pure Am I dreaming? Am I living a fantasy? I don’t want to open my eyes and see you not real I want to know my heart has warmed up since you Am I living a lie? I want to say I can live in bliss with you, will you grow annoyed with me? Will you feel like my smile isn’t enough for you? WIll you find someone who is more fit for you? I want your hand on my thigh when you drive and the look you give me when I notice it I want you to keep laughing at my snores when we fall asleep on each other I want you to keep kissing me when I want your attention. Be my water when I’m thirsty Be my food when I am hungry Be my blanket when I’m cold I want to be the woman to make you smile everyday I want to be the woman to kiss your face after work I want to be the one who tells you how much I like you DiairyofDom


He met me in a awkward stage in my life Getting a divorce Living on my own Finding out who I am Am I Dom Am I Nikki Or am I Dominique? I am in a awkward stage I am learning my likes, dislikes What I like to eat What I like to do for fun How I want to dress Who I want to associate myself with When it was okay to say yes and when I should say no What’s my type? What SHOULDN’T be my type I had to ask myself was I ready to have sex again He met me when I didn’t know these things I didn’t know if I WANTED to start dating Let alone know what that really was I didn’t know if I just wanted hookups Someone to take me out Someone to tell me I’m pretty and rub my booty What I KNOW I needed was a friend I needed someone to listen I needed positive energy I needed those hugs To rub my back To kiss my forehead Call me babygirl AND from time to time rub my booty When he met me I was still healing Fighting my demons Fighting this LACK of self-esteem I told him I had a cold heart I showed him I did I blocked out love Felt like I DIDN’T NEED it Didn’t want it He seen the broken little girl that hides inside I let him see her I still closed up I am in a awkward stage in my life where I am still learning life I am learning who I am and what I like This awkward stage in my life where I am learning to enjoy MY OWN company Also, i miss company of others When met him I wasn’t supposed to like him Wasn’t supposed to enjoy his company Wasn’t supposed to crave his touch I wanted to be COLD, to prove that I didn’t need it This awkward stage in my life, I WAS lying to myself I don’t want you to fix me, I want you by my side while I fix myself. DiaryofDom

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